kt Shores is a choreographer, sculptor, writer, director, dancer, yoga teacher, martial artists, and mom based in Seattle WA. Originally from Alabama, kt trained first in classical ballet and began working professionally at age 16, performing and studying in tours across the U.S., Canada, Eastern and Western Europe, and India. kt received scholarships to programs at Paris Opera Ballet and American Ballet Theater, among many others, and has performed with Battery Opera, Ballet Hispanico, Radix Theater, ABT, Maureen Whiting Company, and dozens of talented choreographers across the U.S. and Canada. Her own choreography, film shorts, and installations have been shown in Seattle, Vancouver (B.C.), Toronto, Montreal, L.A., Brussels, New Delhi, Rishikesh, and Costa Rica. kt has taught various movement modalities for 20 years, and has presented works locally in the streets of Seattle, The University of Washington, Gay City Arts, The Chapel, The Tomorrow Party, Ten Tiny Dances, Velocity Dance Center, Project Space Available, The Hedreen Gallery, Yellow Fish Durational Festival, MoWave Festival, The Cornish Playhouse Studio Theater, and on the grounds of The Seattle Center. kt formed the creative duo Mother Tongue in 2014 with Angelina Baldoz and in January 2016 became the artistic director for Studio Current, previously directed for 11 years by Vanessa DeWolf. The studio currently provides durational creative residencies to 22 local artists.

Derek Johnson photography

A longer version includes my entry into dance at the relatively old age of 12 resulting from doctor’s diagnosis of scoliosis and orders to strengthen my twisted back. Somehow that’s led me to twenty years of teaching different movement modalities – ballet, modern dance, contact improvisation, tai qi, qi gong, bagua, wu shu, yoga – a rigor that’s kept me studying and practicing consistently. I took a break from the stage and went to India, studied yoga, had a child, and began creating and performing art again. These days life is full of running Studio Current and working creatively, balancing it all with a healthy doses of domesticity and travel.

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photo by Jim Demetre Study of Time and Motion (Tamin Totzke, Tia Kramer) at Georgetown Steam Plant

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