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Studio Current – process over product, 2 art studios in the 10th Avenue building in Seattle’s Capitol Hill Arts District

Mother Tongue – performance art


Hope everyone had some beautiful daze of loving bliss! The Mothership (my household) enjoyed festivities of feasting and extreme coziness. Today we played in the snow. Much good.

And December 4 is show time for DIER. Angelina Baldoz and I are showing the first fragment of our experimental opera at The Chapel at Good Shepherd Center in Seattle. It’s a work in progress, and even in these first stages we are blessed to be working with amazing artists Kathleen Hunt and Maria Mannisto, with stellar musicians Stuart Dempster, Tari-Nelson Zagar, Sue Ann Harkey, and Lori Goldston! I am so humbled and excited to see what will happen!

Here’s the event page on faceplace And here’s the page for DIER

And we’ve got about 2 weeks left on our kickstarter – sharing the link is a big help! Check out our campaign and please consider donating and sharing the link. Great THANKS and PRAISE for YOU and all you do. Yes, you. Please take a look at this Very excited to have reached 26% – with your help this project will get funded and we will have so much art for you!



DIER Kickstarter is up and running!

Please take a look!

Angelina Baldoz and I are in the first stages of developing a new opera called DIER. We’re working with some incredibly talented artists in this research and development phase, and are excited to present a fragment from the opera on December 4 at The Chapel here in Seattle. In January 2015 we’re artists in residence at The Cornish Playhouse at Seattle Center, and have 2 more showings and workshop developing from the creative process there. So we’re fundraising to cover production and documentation costs, the artists stipends, a modest wage for ourselves during the residency, and some set and costume design and construction.

Please follow the link at the top to check it out, and thank you!

Last weekend at Samadhi


It’s the last weekend. Let’s set each other on fire. With love.

I confess I had to guide (for myself) as much of a ‘regular’ class as possible this last Friday. I had to be a little selfish and give one last full fledged Samadhi class. Rewind nine years ago to a fresh little teacher training graduate given a first weekly class – elated, nervous, tremendously humbled to teach in this lineage, I began a ritual that has seen me through 3 relationships, 6 or 7 homes, a child, and roughly a third of my life. Teaching has been one of the greatest gifts in my little existence, and I just wanted to say thank you. Selfishly.

I give you my thanks on the regular for your courage, your energy and focus, your levity, your challenging and accepting yourself in the practice – for all of the things that we show up to do and be with in the sangha. But right now I give each and every one of you thanks for my life and many of the ways it’s developed. Wow! I’m a bit overwhelmed when I think about the trust involved. Humbled. Overjoyed. And yes, sad that this chapter of Samadhi is coming to an end.

So, you gorgeous creatures, my last 2 classes – Saturday 5pm and Sunday 12:45 pm – will be a celebration of space and time with you and the practice. A container for you to say goodbye to a ritual that might have become for you, like me, something of a home. And a final celebration of the Self that we’ve found in ourselves and each other in this space.

At our last teacher meeting there were tears. There were hugs. And there were of course the questions: “Where do we go? What do we do?” Sri K.P. Hunt had this to say –

“Samadhi’s in you. It always has been and now you have to realize that. Take it with you. And keep teaching.” And so I’m putting my efforts into Radiodog Arts rather than hopping directly to another studio. To keep teaching and developing what I can offer for you and myself. I’ll keep you posted here and on the Radiodog Arts page on Facebook. And when I do land at a studio again for a weekly gig I’ll let you know.

Thank you Kathleen. Thanks to all. And hey, I may be a little misty eyed this weekend. It’s ok. I cried when I gave birth to my son too. JAI.


December 2013 at Velocity Dance Center in Seattle marked the Next Fest NW dance and dance film festival, and the beginning of the photography project :

leg of lamb

just a peek at what we released from the photo booth session.

We’ve done a few private lamb sessions at P:SA, where I’m in residence now.

Oh, and for the most up to date schedules for teaching and happenings please go ahead and “like” the Radiodog Arts page on the Facebook land – thank you kindly :)

And save the date for my show March 27-30 sponsored by Gay City Arts.