Radiodog Arts


  • Join me for an early morning yoga practice Mondays and Wednesdays at Lotus Yoga (4860 Rainier Ave S) in Columbia City ✨ 6-7am 


  • First Wednesday evenings of each month join me for Praxis at Studio Current (1417 10th Ave) in Capitol Hill ✨ 6-7:30pm


  • Have a private session in the comfort of your home ✨


  • Monday and Wednesday mornings enjoy a private or small group session at a reduced rate 8-10:30am at Studio Current ✨

Is that YOGA? Yes. It’s a blended practice drawing from yoga, soft martial arts, and dance.

What is PRAXIS? Praxis comprises the combination of reflection and action. Aristotle said praxis is the practical branch of knowledge, to which the end goal is action. According to philosopher Hannah Arendt, our capacity to analyze ideas, wrestle with them, and engage in active praxis is what makes us uniquely human.

Come ready to move, breathe, absorb, and reflect. Wear comfortable clothes and bring a notebook and something to write with. This is a unique non modality based opportunity. There will be some live music and some moments in silence, some activity and some time in repose. We work/play in many ways to unlock and explore the many facets of ourselves, our bodies, and our active lives. 

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