Mother Tongue


Mother Tongue is Angelina Baldoz and kt Shores.

January – Cornish Arts Incubator Residency at The Playhouse at Seattle Center


January – Awarded Inaugural Cornish Arts Incubator Residency at The Playhouse at Seattle Center
July – Yellow Fish Epic Durational Performance Festival

2014: transmission begins

ANGELINA bio: Angelina has been performing inside and out of theaters, cafes, music clubs, concert halls, churches, parties, festivals, backyards and the beyond for 30 years and has worked extensively with choreographers for over 22. She has performed multiple times at On the Boards, including when it was housed at Washington Hall. She was the sole composer for 8 years for Salt Horse, a performance company led by Angelina, Corrie Befort and Beth Graczyk, creating multiple evening-length works in many venues, including On the Boards, Northwest Film Forum, and Seattle Center with Cornish College of the Arts. Playing electric bass, she has toured through Europe and America with the brilliant cellist Lori Goldston with the visionary rock band Earth. Education of her discipline and craft have been crucial to her evolution as an artist and she has sought out teachers and artists to learn from through workshops and performances over three decades of study from many teachers amongst them luminaries Deborah Hay, Stuart Dempster and the legendary Carol Kaye, the #1 studio call in LA on electric bass in the 60’s recording over 10,000 sessions.

Mother Tongue is the post-disciplinary duo formed in 2014 by Angelina Baldoz and kt Shores. These two thrive working in their respective fields of music composition and choreography and have a shared passion for rigor, collaboration, and following ideas to find the work rather than the other way around. Mother Tongue received the inaugural Arts Incubator Residency at The Cornish Playhouse at Seattle Center, occupying their studio theater for the entire month of January in 2015. In the process they began building a dyadic work, me like you not like you like me, which has since been performed as a work in progress at Yellowfish Epic Durational Festival and at Velocity Dance Center’s BIG BANG. They also took on the task of manifesting Inner Out, an outline for a Kishotenketsu style show involving a gelatin wrestle, a shifting cast, and Gaston Bachelard’s La Poétique de l’Espace. They continue to dive into their white whale, the dream of an opera that sparked their creative partnership, and in doing so developed a system of ritual daily practices as a way to stimulate creative practice and communication across disciplines. Mother Tongue recently put on a group show at Sole Repair Shop as part of the last Art Walk called Leg of Lamb, a recurring ritual, this one in collaboration with musicians Kyle Hansen, Paris Hurley, Beth Fleenor, and six dancers that created pieces specifically for the event.

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